In this first episode of the Dystonia Matters podcast, you'll meet three members of the dystonia community, Louise, Katie and Andy.
Louise, Katie and Andy smiling in separate pictures.
Each of them has a different type of dystonia and were diagnosed at a different point in their lives.
Louise was born with dopa-responsive dystonia and uses a wheelchair full-time. Alongside her husband and dogs, Louise lives her life to the fullest, volunteering with disability charities when she's able.
After three-four years of symptoms and seeking treatment, Andy received a diagnosis of cervical dystonia. In the years since receiving his diagnosis, Andy has launched his own business.
Katie's doctors always mentioned dystonia as a possibility, because of her epilepsy, but she wasn't given her segmental dystonia diagnosis until she was 16-years-old. Katie is a college student who is extremely active in para-sport, even going so far as to do her physio on a horse! 
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