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What is dystonia?

Dystonia is the term used to describe uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms caused by incorrect signals from the brain. It is estimated to affect at least 70,000 people in the UK. There are a large number of different types of dystonia which affect people in widely differing ways. Unfortunately there is not yet a cure.


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What treatment is available?

Various treatments are available for dystonia. These will be determined by the type and severity of the particular condition.


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How do I live with dystonia?

Most people do manage to develop effective strategies for coping with the challenges that their condition brings. Successful treatments to lessen their symptoms, effective pain control and the acquisition of sensory ‘tricks’ all help to make social situations easier.


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Fundraising Events

  • Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon 2019

    Runners Wanted for the 5th Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon 2019. Set at the historic venue, you not only run a pictureesqe course, but also get your own unique, Tudor themed medal. Read more

  • 5k Big Fun Run - Newcastle and Crystal Palace

    Take part in two exciting 5k Fun Runs in October. Proceeds go towards our Conference for Parents and Carers of Children with Dystonia on 22nd September. More locations available in the UK. Read more

  • Dystonia Society's Tea Party

    Throughout October we're asking you to have a cuppa for the Dystonia Society by hosting a tea party and raising money for the charity. Read more