View a PDF of the current Guide to Good Practice (Updated April 2014)

In this guide you will find in formation on the following:

Introduction to dystonia

  • About dystonia
  • Classification
  • Types of dystonia by classification and symptoms
  • Early-onset dystonia
  • The impact of dystonia
  • Dystonic storms, "brittle" dystonia and status dystonicus

Identifying dystonia

  • Common GP misdiagnoses and indicators to avoid misdiagnosis

Diagnosing dystonia

  • Diagnosing dystonia
  • The diagnostic process

Management of dystonia

  • Management of dystonia in adults
  • Management of dystonia in children

Patient Pathway Flowcharts

  • Recommended patient pathway for adults
  • Recommended patient pathway for children

Additional support for patients with dystonia

  • Additional Support
  • References
  • Acknowledgements