Gemma is a journalist, presenter, performer and athlete and currently freelances for a number of UK and international media outlets, including Sky Sports and The Financial Times, as well as representing the country in the Hip Hop Division of ParaCheer and playing wheelchair tennis.

Diagnosed with a form of dystonia in her upper body after a car accident two and a half years ago, when not travelling the world as part of her reporter duties - including all four tennis Grand Slams analysing and commentating on the wheelchair tennis draws - or at athlete training, she mentors young disabled journalists looking to get into the industry, volunteers at her tennis club as a Level 1 coach and enjoys belting out a good musical, Hamilton being a firm favourite.

Getting to where she is now hasn't been easy for Gemma and she's faced discrimination on the street and in the workplace in the past because of her disability but she's used these experiences to fuel her fire and lives life to the max, enjoying every minute of her journey despite what others may think.

Gemma wants to help use her experience and platform in the media, arts and within sport to help show young people what's possible when living with dystonia and has set up the Instagram account "View From the Press Box" to give a behind the scenes look at life as a journalist and presenter with a disability.

You can follow Gemma on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @gstevensonsport