Parents and carers are an essential part of the dystonia community.

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About the episode

Parents and carers are an essential part of the dystonia community, so in this episode we're introducing you to three phenomenal parents and their journeys helping their kids navigate their conditions. You'll meet Sylvia, Neil and Julie - parents to three amazing young adults, who you may recognise from some of our past work!

Sylvia's daughter Tegan is one of our stunning ambassadors, while Julie's daughter Katie is heavily involved in Dystonia UK's activities, even joining us on our first podcast herself! Meanwhile, Neil's son Callum graced the pages of our most recent issue of Dystonia Matters magazine.

While you may have heard some of their stories before, you've never heard them like this. These parents are their kids biggest cheerleaders in life and they're all dedicated to ensuring that their kids continue to receive the best care possible, as they transition into their adult lives.


This project has been funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

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