Dr Claire MacIver, Derval McCormack and Richard Cave present on their projects as part of our 'Reach Out, Reach All' campaign.

On 25th May 2023 Dystonia UK hosted a webinar with Dr Claire MacIver (Trainee doctor in Neurology in Wales on the WCAT (Welsh Clinical Academic Track) Fellowship scheme), Derval McCormack (Trainee clinical psychologist, Lancaster University) and Richard Cave (Speech and Language Therapist).

Join us as we delve into the world of research! Dystonia UK supports a number of studies up and down the country dedicated to finding out more about the causes, symptoms and treatments for dystonia. In this special webinar, we hosted an expert panel who have all committed to projects focused on topics relating to dystonia with information on how to get involved.

Watch the webinar

Note for Alexa users: Please be prepared, if you are listening without headphones, that around 43 minutes into the webinar there is an instruction for Alexa to 'turn the lights off' as part of a demonstration.

Further resources

Presentation slides for 'Imaging the microstructure of the brain in dystonia' by Dr Claire MacIver

Presentation slides for 'Lived experiences of psychological distress in people with neck dystonia' by Derval McCormack

Download the Project Relate app in the Play store

Get involved

If you are interested in participating in any of the projects included in this webinar, or if you have any questions, please use the links below.

Imaging the microstructure of the brain in dystonia: please email Dr Claire MacIver

Lived experiences of psychological distress in people with neck dystonia: please read this information sheet or email Derval McCormack

Project Relate: please visit project website or email Richard Cave

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