In this episode we are joined by Lucy and Dylan to discuss dystonia and mental health.

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About the episode

Lucy and Dylan joined us to discuss their mental health and how it feeds into their dystonia and how in turn dystonia affects their mental health.

Lucy has generalised dystonia. Lucy finds that the problem with dystonia is there can be a vicious cycle where when her dystonia is worse it makes her mental health worse which affects her relationships with other people.

Dylan was diagnosed 8 years ago with idiopathic functional dystonia. His dystonia has led to him being bedbound for periods of time. He says he can have his dark days but he is stubborn and tells himself to get on with it.

Content warning

Due to the sensitive topics we've discussed if you feel like you need help do not delay in reaching out. In an emergency you can call 999 or you can speak to someone at Samaritans 24/7 by calling 116 123.


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