Janet Ireland, information and advice officer at The Brain Charity gave a presentation on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) process and answered your questions as part of our Reach Out, Reach All campaign.

On 23rd February Dystonia UK partnered with The Brain Charity to host a webinar about understanding Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Have you ever struggled with applying for benefits such as PIP, or receiving what you’re entitled to? We know many people with dystonia and other neurological conditions may find it difficult to navigate through the welfare benefits system – especially if they haven’t done it before.

In order to help you find the answers you need, Dystonia UK has partnered with The Brain Charity! Their information and advice officer, Janet Ireland has given a presentation to demystify the process of applying for PIP, discuss the challenges COVID-19 has brought to this process, as well as changes to assessment procedures. 

Watch the webinar

Further resources

The Brain Charity can support you to:

  • Find out what benefits you are entitled to
  • Apply for those benefits
  • Appeal against decisions to reduce or remove your benefits, if you feel they have been wrongly taken away.

      Find out more about the welfare benefits support The Brain Charity can offer.


      This webinar was funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

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