A short overview of dystonia

A neurological condition characterised by involuntary and sustained muscle spasms which can force affected parts of the body into abnormal movements or postures.Read more

Best Practice Guide

In this guide you will find information about dystonia, classification, types of dystonia by classification and symptoms, early-onset dystonia, the impact of dystonia, dystonic storms, "brittle" dystonia and status dystonicus.Read more

BMJ Learning Module

A training module to increase awareness of dystonia amongst GPs on the BMJ Learning website.Read more


Some suggestions of books containing information about dystonia.Read more

Commissioning Guide

This brief guide has been developed to support the appropriate commissioning of treatment for dystonia. Dystonia is a very complex condition which has far-reaching consequences for patients,primary and secondary healthcare services, society and the wider system.Read more

Information for teachers and SENCOs

A guide to supporting young people affected by dystonia - for teachers, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and other education specialists.Read more

List of internet resources

The internet can be an excellent tool to access information. However it can also leave you feeling swamped and in a state of information overload. In order to try and help you source reliable information, here are suggestions of a number of web sites that some of our members have found helpful.Read more

Resources for professionals

We have a wide range of resources for you to use, including leaflets, best practice guides and contact cards to give to your newly diagnosed patients.Read more