Blinking and eye problems

Most abnormal blinking or twitching of the eye clears up quickly - within a few hours of when the symptoms appear. If the symptoms do not go away one possible cause is eye dystonia. Read more

Dystonic storms

Dystonic storms are episodes of a rare condition called status dystonicus where people develop frequent and intense episodes of severe generalised dystonia. Read more

Hand problems

Sometimes it becomes painful to write or play an instrument due to cramps in the hand or arm. One possible cause is a hand dystonia (otherwise known as Writer’s or Musician’s Cramp). Read more

Muscle spasms

There are numerous causes of muscle spasms and most clear up quickly. There are many reasons why muscle spasms may not respond to treatment of which one possible explanation is that they are caused by a dystonia. Read more

Neck problems

Sometimes the muscles in the neck can start to contract involuntarily. These contractions are often painful. One possible cause is a neck dystonia. Read more


Tremor is an uncontrollable shaking or oscillation of a part of the body. Dystonic tremor is a type of tremor which occurs in conjunction with dystonia. Read more

Voice problems

Strangled, throaty or husky voice or breathy or whispering voice. There are many causes of voice problems, one possible cause is a voice dystonia. Read more