Dystonia UK has been working with the UCL Global Disability Innovation Hub to support their research project ‘Prime-VR2’.

They are looking for adult participants aged 18+ with dystonia to help in the design and development of virtual reality (VR) games and controllers for disabled people for the PRIME-VR2 project. The project aims to build a VR system that will provide a safe and motivating environment in which people can learn and practice movement.

They would like to understand what is important to you; your goals, motivations, and the activities you enjoy. They would also like to record your movements when you are performing simple tasks, via video consultation initially, and then in a later session, you would go to their lab where they can collect more detailed data on your movements using wireless sensors and video, and take a 3D scan of your arms.

They will use the information to guide the design of VR controllers that are accessible to people with dystonia. After this initial stage, there will be further opportunities to participate, including testing prototype VR controllers and games.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting project, please visit the participant information page

Published: 29th May 2020.