As well as updating the website, we have also updated our merchandise range!
Our gorgeous black t-shirts and vests all have our distinctive green, from our original logo, which definitely gets us noticed at all the major events. 
For a more everyday feel, we have softened the green logo with the introduction of our teal, which you can find on our incredibly comfortable and stylish hoodies. 
We have also gone a step further than ever before and introduced a home living range.
Here you will find our beautiful drinking bottles and takeaway mugs. The Chilly's style bottle, in our signature teal, is perfect for keeping hydrated at home or on the move.
Our takeaway mugs shine in bright silver and will keep a hot drink hot for up to 6 hours and a cold drink chilled for 12! So grab this gorgeous mug and never be caught without a beverage while on the go.
If you are looking for something a little more subtle, why not grab a wrist band? It's a comfortable and discreet way of showing your support for the Dystonia UK community and can help spark awareness raising conversations on a daily basis.
Published: 9th July 2020.