Dystonia UK supports the work of researchers and students to help further understand dystonia and its impact on individuals.

We work to support research projects in a number of different areas including research into the causes, treatments and management of dystonia. Dystonia UK has a history of working with students on the Clinical Psychology doctoral course at Lancaster University to support their research projects focused on the psychological effects of dystonia.

A current study is looking to understand more looking at how coping strategies are used and experienced by people with neck (cervical) dystonia. From studies like these, we, and those running the study, can better understand the support our community needs and we can help make recommendations for improvements in NHS services.

An essential aspect of these studies is to hear from people living with dystonia what their experiences have been. This study is now looking for adult participants with neck dystonia to interview. Below you can read more about the work and how to get involved.

Study title: How are coping strategies used and experienced by people with cervical (neck) dystonia?

Published: 11th July 2023