Over 19,000 people affected by neurological conditions and 100 organisations back Neuro Taskforce petition.

Dystonia UK is one of 100+ organisations and over 19,000 people who #BackThe1in6. Joining other neurological charities including Parkinson's UK, The MS Trust and The Brain & Spine Foundation, we supported The Neurological Alliance at the UK parliament in Westminster for the #BackThe1in6 petition hand in event on the 5th June 2023. The event was held in recognition of the 19,000 people across the UK who signed the petition calling for more to be done to improve services for people living with dystonia and other neurological conditions.

Artwork created using portraits of individuals living with neurological conditions was showcased at the event and it provided an opportunity for MPs to express support for the creation of a UK neurological taskforce. We believe a UK-wide Taskforce would make a real difference by making sure everyone affected by neurological conditions, including dystonia, has access to the right care at the right time and the workforce to support them would provide a framework to support greater collaboration and sharing of best practice in the approaches taken to tackle problems common across all neurological conditions. We also believe it would help to show that governments across the UK are listening to people living with neurological conditions. 

The #BackThe1in6 petition was created in response to the The Neurological Alliance’s 2022 ‘My Neuro Survey’, a UK-wide survey completed by more than 8,500 people affected by neurological conditions, including over 700 with dystonia. Dystonia UK is committed to supporting the dystonia community through campaigns like #BackThe1in6, thank you so much to all of you who shared your experiences in 'My Neuro Survey', who signed the petition, sent in your #PicsForThe1in6, and wrote to your MP asking them to support the petition hand in event.

We will continue working with the Neurological Alliance, other member charities and the UK governments to ensure your voice is heard.

Published: 11th July 2023