Event Type: Tandem skydive

Date: Date of your choice

Location: 17 locations across the UK

Registration Fee: Free (if you raise a minimum sponsorship)! 

Fundraising Target: £500

For all enquiries, please contact the fundraising team.

Want to take your fundraising to new heights? Take a leap for #TeamDystoniaUK and make a real difference!

Feel the adrenaline rush as you soar through the skies for a cause that matters! Dystonia UK invites you to join us in the ultimate leap of faith - a thrilling skydive adventure like no other!

Whether you're a daredevil seeking your next challenge or someone looking to step out of their comfort zone, our skydive event promises an unforgettable journey filled with courage and heart-pounding excitement whilst making a difference to those affected by dystonia. 

And did you know, we will give you an exclusive Dystonia UK t-shirt or vest to proudly wear on the day as you champion our cause.

Why Skydive for Dystonia UK?

Make a real impact: Your bravery isn't about the jump - it's about changing lives. By fundraising for Dystonia UK, you're empowering individuals and families affected by dystonia, helping them access vital support, resources, and research. 

Unforgettable thrills: This isn't your average weekend activity - it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conquer the skies and push your limit. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that you'll be talking about for years to come! 

Personal triumph: Whether you're overcoming fears, marking a milestone, or simply seeking a new challenge, this skydive is all about you. Embrace the opportunity to push boundaries, test your courage, and emerge stronger than ever before. 

How to get involved? 

Getting started is easy! Simply sign up for our skydive event, set up your fundraising page, and start spreading the word. Whether you're jumping solo or rallying a team, every leap makes a difference. 

Don't miss out on this chance to soar for a cause. Join us in defying gravity, inspiring change, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Together, we can make the impossible possible - one jump at a time! 

Sign up now and let's make this skydive the most epic adventure yet! 

Why run for Dystonia UK?

Dystonia UK exists to give hope and support to everyone living with dystonia and to create UK and worldwide awareness. With your support we can be here for people when they feel the most isolated, providing support and information to anyone affected by dystonia. Ensuring they have access to the services they need, when they need them, to live life to the full, and we can only do that by donations and fundraisers like you.

Dystonia UK is children and adults with dystonia, carers and clinicians, fundraisers and families, medical professionals and our amazing members and supporters, all working side by side.

Our community thanks you for choosing to support Dystonia UK!


Adrenalin sports are not risk free and we accept no blame for any injuries or complications at the event. We recommend taking out personal accident insurance before taking part. For more information, please contact the event organiser.

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