The Neurological Alliance is a coalition of more than 80 organisations in England working together to transform outcomes for the millions of people in England with a neurological condition. We work closely with The Neurological Alliance to coordinate policy and ensure that dystonia is highlighted in everything they do especially using patient stories and experiences. Every 2 years they run a national neurology patient survey, which many of our members have responded to in the past. The information collected in surveys like these provide an invaluable data source for us to form evidence.

Through our links with The Neurological Alliance, we are actively involved with the National Neuro Advisory Group (NNAG). This is a joint forum for different organisations across the health sector, such as NHS England, Public Health England, clinicians, academics, and patient voice organisations, to come together and ensure alignment of initiatives and service improvements. Through this group, we have been actively involved in developing the optimum clinical pathway for movement disorders alongside Parkinson’s UK and The Huntington’s Disease Association.