It is recommended that you get in touch with your GP or the doctor who injected you.

You can also:

  • take small mouthfuls and chew carefully before trying to swallow
  • keep a glass of water nearby to help wash down the food
  • consider eating softer consistency food (thick soup, yoghurt, mashed vegetables) for a short while
  • avoid crusts, large pieces of meat, and anything very hard
  • eat in front of someone and not alone in case of choking
  • if swallowing fluid is making you cough:
    • make sure you are sitting up when drinking
    • sip slowly through a straw
    • suck ice/ice lollies

Read more in Dr Marie-Helene Marion's article on swallowing difficulties.

Swallowing difficulties can cause complications such as aspiration pneumonia or not being able to eat or drink enough. It is very rare but occasionally patients will need to be admitted to hospital to be fed through a tube for a few days.