The 🦸 Masked Hero Award 🦸 celebrates a medical professional who has made a difference to your life from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and professionals all dedicated to the dystonia community. We want to recognise those special people whose care, attention and commitment have gone beyond the call of duty.

Mr Maurice Hawthorne

“Despite being past retirement age a while ago, he still travels from Middlesbrough to Penrith to give botulinum toxin treatment to us sufferers of dystonia.”

“He’s a kind man putting his patients before his own self interests. He has gone above and beyond for his patients and deserves this nomination. Thank you, Mr Hawthorne, for your time and kindness over the years.”

Dr Miles Humberstone

“Dr Humberstone is always at the end of a phone or email if my GP is not available, his responses are always quick. Which during flare ups is invaluable. I haven’t felt like a number, I’ve felt like an actual individual who has an active young life.”

“The trial and error to get my medication regime right was long, but he always discussed everything clearly and openly with me. He has enabled me to have my quality of life back.”

Russell Mills

“Russell has been my DBS (deep brain simulation surgery) specialist nurse for many years now, he is based at the RVI in Newcastle."

"Russell is the most kind, gentle and understanding person I have ever met.”

“He is always available to talk if I need him and will not hesitate to provide letters to various organisations explaining my condition and current treatment i.e. to DWP, and PIP assessors, he always goes the extra mile for his patients.”

Professor Tim Harrower

“My consultant, who is amazing! Shows compassion and listens, gives me confidence and pride in myself. Encourages me to continue reaching for the stars and achieving as much as I can. My dystonia does not define me.”

“He is always happy to see me and put up with my concerns. He deserves everything.”

“He is my consultant, and he is very supportive and patient. He gives me hope and encouragement.”