The 🦸 Masked Hero Award 🦸 celebrates a medical professional who has made a difference to your life from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and professionals all dedicated to the dystonia community. We want to recognise those special people whose care, attention and commitment have gone beyond the call of duty.

Aminata Bocum

“Aminata is a Functional Neurosurgery Nurse Specialist (DBS). I first met her at the botulinum toxin clinic at Charing Cross Hospital. Since my DBS surgery she’s supported me through each stage, works ridiculously long hours, despite a heavy clinic load gives us the time we need to explain and support, giving complex information in a managed way. I would be lost without her care. Soon after my DBS surgery she came into work with a broken toe. So as not to cancel her clinic day. Her consistent support and know how is second to none.”

Nicola Dunlop

“Nicola has regularly administered my botulinum toxin injections for Blepharospasm since I was diagnosed in 2013. She is a very caring person, always has time to listen and is a great champion for her patients. Her efforts led to the botulinum toxin clinic at Moorfields staying open throughout the pandemic, providing a lifeline for patients who would have otherwise become functionally blind. She has carried out research into the patient experience of living with blepharospasm, thereby contributing to a sparse body of research evidence. I know that she is highly valued by all the patients who are fortunate to find themselves under her care. As far as I am concerned, she really is a masked hero!”

Miss Penny Lennox

“Miss Lennox is an ENT consultant at the John Radcliffe Hospital who has run a botulinum toxin clinic for patients with the voice disorder Spasmodic Dysphonia for the past 21 years. I have been working with her for the past 3 years (I am an SLT) and her patients consistently tell me how appreciative they are for her care and kindness, and often tell me that her treatment has changed their lives. Some of our patients have been with her for the whole 21 years that she has been at the JR! She has recently left most of her clinical work to take up a post as Divisional Director, however she has continued running the botulinum toxin clinic due to the relationship she has built up with her patients and the huge need that it fills.”