You may need to find ways to adapt and might have to learn new ways to complete everyday tasks. However, it is possible to live well with the condition and Dystonia UK is here to support you through all stages including initial onset, diagnosis, finding treatment and beyond.

You may find these coping techniques helpful:

  • Press your fingers against the temples, end of nose or other parts of your face – you need to find the spot that suits you
  • Use distraction techniques: taking a very deep breath, chewing gum, whistling, humming, sucking on a straw, singing, reading aloud, or pinching yourself
  • Use relaxation techniques in a dark place
  • Put your head back, close your eyes or look down rather than trying to look ahead
  • Block out bright light by wearing a hat or visor. Wear wraparound sunglasses outdoors and tinted lenses indoors.