The 🌟 Dystonia Superstar Award - Northern Ireland 🌟 is your chance to recognise a superstar in the dystonia community - whether they have dystonia themselves or not, they are someone that has made a difference to you or others. It’s up to you to decide what makes them a Dystonia Superstar!


“Ciaran ran a half marathon and raised over £650 in honour of his dad, who had deep brain stimulation (DBS) for dystonia. Ciaran's commitment to fundraising and raising awareness is incredible. He’s shown so much dedication and support for the dystonia community.”


“Henry’s the former chair of our support group, he poured his heart and soul into making it a safe haven for everyone. He applied for a £1000 grant, that Dystonia UK received. But what truly touches me is his unwavering dedication to his son living with dystonia. His love and support have left a lasting impact on all of us.”


“Karl’s a total rockstar in the dystonia community! Despite dealing with it himself, he’s been on fire, raising awareness and money through his writing and podcast appearances. His passion for sharing his story, kicking butt, and educating others about dystonia is seriously awesome!”

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