The 'Reach Out, Reach All' campaign aims to bring the dystonia community together, through film, animation, podcasts and webinars.

Dystonia can be an isolating condition. It can be scary not knowing what the diagnosis means, not only to your life but also how it might affect your friends and family. While the community is large, it is also regionally diverse and this can lead to people feeling unsure and alone.

There are so many milestones in life which we take for granted, but which can cause high anxiety and stress for a person with dystonia, which only exacerbates the condition. As a charity, we want to bring real life stories of these milestones being navigated by people with the condition to give hope and practical tips to help. We are looking to combat the social isolation that is so much a part of the condition.

When we first launched the campaign in November 2019, in partnership with the Aviva Community Fund, we were overwhelmed with the positive response and enthusiasm from within the dystonia community.

With the money we raised from this appeal, we started creating the content that we know our supporters need.

This will not only give people with dystonia a voice but also the opportunity to see people with the condition and learn how they navigated their journey.

We launched the first of our webinars in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which halted filming on the short films. These webinars reached over 10,000 people and were invaluable to the dystonia community at a time of worldwide uncertainty.