The 🦸 Masked Hero Award 🦸 celebrates a medical professional who has made a difference to your life from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and professionals all dedicated to the dystonia community. We want to recognise those special people whose care, attention and commitment have gone beyond the call of duty.

Dr Colin Dunkley

“This doctor goes above and beyond in his care for the children he looks after. Always puts patients first and always listens. He finds new ways for parents to communicate with him with ease so we are never alone on this journey."

"I couldn’t wish for a better paediatrician for my son and although he isn’t a neurologist I feel safe and confident in him and he leaves less of a worry in the long gaps between neuro appointments.”

Professor Mark Edwards

“His tireless effort to educate on a local, national, and worldwide setting is incredible and trying to break down the boundaries of the ignorance that surrounds dystonia and its complications.”

“I have no hesitation in nominating Mark for this award on behalf of his patients, his research work, his tireless work to raise awareness, his work with Dystonia UK, but actually on a more personal note I nominate him for all he does for me, for making me feel I’m not alone, for empowering me to do better and for his expertise, friendship and willingness to fight my battles.”

Dr Miles Humberstone

“Miles was my neurologist until I moved to Scotland. He fought and fought for 9 years to get my diagnosis of the very rare form of tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency generalised dopa responsive dystonia.”

“His commitment to my case but me as a person will always live in me. I’ve met other patients and they all say how kind he is. How he explains things in his time. He’s a top guy and I wish I could still be under him in Scotland. He’s even helped the neurologists here to understand my rare condition. He’s the best!”

Dr Santiago Catania

“…one Christmas […] I arrived with a painted dystonic foot which depicted different Christmas characters on each toe. Santiago took this in great spirit and was more concerned about injecting Rudolph in case he flew around in dystonic circles. This was a wonderful demonstration of how Santiago places the importance on acknowledging the person, quirky sides and all, at the centre of the condition, and not allowing the condition to totally define the person or the consultation.”

“He is one of the rare breeds of neurologists that really put the patient first. There is no person more deserving!”