Communications Coordinator

I joined Dystonia UK in December 2020 as the charity began to expand its communications to meet the shifting communications needs of life in the pandemic. As Communications Coordinator I spend my working hours thinking of ways to best communicate with you and bringing those ideas to life alongside my wonderful line-manager, Dayna Ferdinandi.

I moved to the UK in 2014 after finishing my degree in Mass Communications. I started my career in journalism and briefly dabbled in publishing before making the jump to the charity and non-profit sector in 2019. Although I dreamed of becoming a journalist from the young age of 14, my career in charity communications has been so much more fulfilling and exciting than snagging a by-line in The Guardian.

I have worked with charities both big and small and find my comfort space in small to mid-sized charities where you best get the opportunity to really know and serve people in a community.

I’m extremely passionate about never forgetting the ‘human’ in human rights and equality. We shouldn’t be looking at disability and chronic illness as simply numbers and statistics, or as something foreign that happens to other people, but rather as ourselves, our neighbours, or our families and friends.

When I’m not working, I run a music magazine as a hobby and spend a great deal of time attending live music events with my husband – in non-Covid times, of course! My favourite at-home activities are embroidering, altering clothing and playing with my entirely too cute kitty companion.