Andrew is a Library Manager working at the British Psychotherapy Foundation and has some counselling training. He started working on Care in the Community projects for the elderly and socially excluded, then onto museum and archive work. Moving to London he became a Librarian Curator at the V&A Museum’s National Art Library. Now, he says, so much information work and events is online that he has had to develop a whole new set of skills.

His father suffered from a movement disorder all his life which was never properly diagnosed so when Andrew was diagnosed with myoclonic dystonia in 2005, he felt pretty sure his father had too.

Andrew has been a Committee Member for the London and Surrey Dystonia UK Support Group since 2006.

Other more relaxing interests include writing, gardening, oral history and personal stories, photography and cooking, but not necessarily in that order. He is a lifelong supporter of Sheffield United - a team he’s followed since his childhood days!