The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) has recently published a report of findings from their Survey of Young Europeans with Neurological Conditions.

The objective of this survey was to gain an understanding of the biggest issues affecting participants in their daily lives and to learn about their relationships with and opinion of patient groups.

1,368 responses were received from 39 countries, including young people living with dystonia in the UK.

You can read the report at:

Responses to the survey have shown that a gulf exists between the aspirations of those affected by neurological conditions, and others. EFNA are encouraging people to share their #BrainLifeGoals on social media to increase awareness of the issues faced everyday. Please get involved!

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EFNA is an umbrella group representing pan-European neurology patient groups. Their slogan is 'Empowering Patient Neurology Groups' and their vision is a better quality of life for people in Europe living with a neurological disorder.