Gary RobertsChristmas came early for me when, in mid-December (2017), I received the exciting news that I was being offered the wonderful opportunity to work for The Dystonia Society. It wasn’t a difficult decision to accept.

I’m Gary, and I’ve been the Society’s Head of Fundraising & Communications for seven weeks now. It has been interesting, enjoyable and rewarding to work with the staff team, meet trustees and volunteers – as well as to learn and better understand a neurological condition I knew very little about prior to joining The Dystonia Society. I have much to learn.

With a passionate interest in the natural world, conservation and third sector issues – I’m an innovative, creative director and manager who has developed 30-years comprehensive charity, third sector and consultancy management experience. I’ve worked with a diversity of organisations from Butterfly Conservation, Castle Cement and the Woodland Trust through to the British Dragonfly Society and Moray Sports Foundation. Currently a board director of TSI Moray (a charity operating throughout Moray, North East Scotland), I’ve helped charities and organisations raise their profile, communicate their vision, increase income and deliver change.

I’m now implementing plans to deliver successes with The Dystonia Society to support and grow our core services, objectives and vision. Over the coming weeks and months I’m very much looking forward to meeting many of you, learn more and gain a greater appreciation of the many different types of dystonia.

An important part of my role is to generate, grow income to enable The Dystonia Society to operate and deliver projects, events and campaigns. This includes building donor relationships, partnerships with companies and working closely with funders. And, I would like your help – please. If you have an idea, would like to suggest a company, charitable foundation or funder that could potentially support The Dystonia Society – do please contact me: [email protected] I’d be happy to listen and talk to you.

With a new CEO, Andrea West, starting in March, 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year with many opportunities for The Dystonia Society.

Gary Roberts
Head of Fundraising & Communications
The Dystonia Society