Dorothy Chisholm, our Scotland Regional Officer, writes about being on the Kaye Adams Show with Martin Gillespie, former piper from Skerryvore:

"At 8am, 26th April I received a telephone call from the Kaye Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland.  They asked if I would be able to speak on the show about Focal hand dystonia from the Dystonia Society point of view. They were having a Piper called Martin Gillespie on, who has this condition and was having to give up a lot of his piping.  Martin has been the lead piper with Skerryvore since helping to form the band in Tiree in 2005.

I spoke to the staff from the show and they asked me various questions which Kaye then was able to use. I was taking part in this from home so dog locked away so she couldn’t bark, water, leaflets in front of me for support, (in case I blanked out!) and made sure the phone was charged.

After a nerve-racking short time, this took place at 10am and they phoned me and said I would be on after the news and just to stay quiet until then.

Martin was asked questions first and then I was introduced. Got asked lots of questions about different types of dystonia, treatment and other questions.  Thankfully all went well.

 Great Awareness Raising!"