An award for research into blepharospasm has been launched by Fight for Sight and The Dystonia Society. Open for applications for 12 weeks from May 1st for research projects up to the value of £15,000. All research relating to blepharospasm welcome although projects investigating new treatment techniques, secondary activities to reduce symptoms and the assessment of non-motor symptoms are particularly encouraged.

Fight for Sight and The Dystonia Society would like to announce the launch of a £15,000 research grant. This money is to fund much needed research within the area of blepharospasm. This is a wonderful opportunity to secure research funding in an area of dystonia that doesn't receive the attention that other forms of dystonia do. This money has been raised through the partnership of Fight for Sight, The Dystonia Society and a patient interest group. Although the grant has no restrictions and may be used to fund projects that relate to any area of blepharospasm the patient interest group have identified and expresses some preference that research in the area of any potential new treatment techniques, why secondary activities such as speaking a second language have been found to reduce symptoms, use of different coloured lenses to reduce symptoms and the assessment of non-motor sympotoms are of particular interest to them.

As a joint collaboration between Fight for Sight and The Dystonia Society, we are very keen to shine a light on this devastating condition and have great pleasure in providing funding towards research in an area of dystonia that is all too frequently over looked, or challenging to secure funding for.

We very much hope that this grant is of interest to you and look forward to receiving an application from you.

For more information and to make an application click here.

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