During Dystonia Awareness Week 2014 we held a Thunderclap to raise maximum awareness across the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We managed to get our message and raise awareness of dystonia across to over 6.8 million people thanks to everyone’s tireless efforts promoting via Facebook and Twitter.

We were greatly aided in this by the actor and comedian Stephen Fry who joined our awareness campaign. We were also delighted that Stephen agreed to become an Honorary Friend of the Dystonia Society, and he wrote us this kind message at the time:
“I was delighted to support the Dystonia Society’s recent Thunderclap and was very touched and humbled by the warm and generous response from so many members to my involvement. A close family member has this painful and often isolating condition so I have some small understanding of how devastating a diagnosis it
can be for the patient, family and friends.
I shall be proud to be considered a friend of the Society and will do my utmost to promote further campaigns and fundraising endeavours via Twitter”.