Thank you to all those who submitted questions - unfortunately due to time restraints we have been unable to ask all the questions and we have grouped some questions together. If you still have questions please do contact our Helpline on 020 7793 3650 or by emailing [email protected]

So that you can find individual questions easily, we have included the timings for each question below:

0.00 - Introduction

0.23 - I have a mild focal dystonia caused by the DYT1 gene. If I were to have a child who also had the gene and developed symptoms, would they be likely to only have focal dystonia in the same part of their body or could they develop a more severe focal or generalised dystonia?

2.00 - I have Cervical Dystonia, my mother had Laryngeal and my grandmother had facial spasms. Is there is a risk of my son inheriting dystonia in any form?

3.02 - Could sudden withdrawal from an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication cause dystonia?

4.06 - How can an acute dystonic reaction to a medication cause such an extreme physical reaction and is it in any way related to dystonia?

5.13 - Which anti-nausea medication should people with dystonia avoid?

6.15 - Is there a relation between menopause of dystonia?

7.14 - Can peripheral nerve damage cause or contribute to neck dystonia?

8.22 - How effective is DBS in cases of cervical dystonia?

9.57 - Can the brain overcome dystonia by creating new neuron paths similar to stroke rehabilitation?

12.08 - There is a lot of existing research using cannabinoids, inhaled, to manage movement disorders, what are your thoughts on this?

13.49 - I have used baclofen in the past for generalised dystonia, but experienced a lot of side effects. I have recently developed Spasmodic Dysphonia, would a baclofen pump help SD the way it helps dystonia in other areas without the side effects?

16.05 - What is the difference between dystonia and Parkinsons. The symptoms seem very similar. How can a doctor distinguish between the two?