Peter Meager Born in 1946, I grew up in Shotts, Scotland.
I gained MA and BD Degrees at Edinburgh University before serving 16 years as an Army Chaplain. In 1987, I moved to a Church in Fife.
In 1991, I developed spasmodic dysphonia and was eventually diagnosed with laryngeal dystonia in 1995. One of first in Scotland to have botulinum toxin injected into the vocal cords.

In 1996 I started volunteering with the Dystonia Society. Took early retirement in 1999.
I was the Scotland Manager of the Society from 2002 until 2011. While there I helped set up The Neurological Alliance of Scotland and Long Term Conditions Alliance, Scotland. I also developed a Self-Management Programme for people with dystonia and initiated a clinical trial on effectiveness of physiotherapy for people with neck dystonia. On the Operational Management Group for Neurosurgery in Scotland was able, in 2010, to put DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery on the agenda.
In 2013 I became a Trustee of the Dystonia Society. I serve on the Research and General Purposes Committees. Since 2015 I have been a Volunteer Patient at St Andrew’s University Medical School.

I married Christine, in 1967 and we have two grown up children and five grandchildren aged 16-24. Live in Cupar, Fife. I enjoy, walking, skiing, gardening, crosswords, photography and telling bad jokes. Make regular trips in our camper van.