The 🌟 Dystonia Superstar Award 🌟 is your chance to recognise a superstar in the dystonia community - whether they have dystonia themselves or not, they are someone that has made a difference to you or others. It’s up to you to decide what makes them a Dystonia Superstar, we know there are many and fully expect this to be a really hard category to pick a winner from!


“Gill works tirelessly to get funds for Dystonia UK despite being an author, retail assistant, heritage guide, heritage charity organiser and grandmother. Her husband suffers with dystonia and is facing further health issues with impacts on day-to-day living."

"Gill always gives 100% to fundraising having put herself through multiple 40 mile walks, although these are now reducing to 20 mile walks due to her age, she organises teams who gain monies for Dystonia UK. She does it to help give something back without personal show!! She is truly unsung as a hero!!!”


“Jill raised, via the medium of JustGiving, a total of £4,628.23 at the age of 78 years by cycling virtually on her exercise bike 280 miles through Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London, recollecting past times of attending the Royal Ballet school at age 11 years, progressing to the Royal Opera House and of many other interesting times through an interesting life."

"She suffers herself with dystonia and is always keen to spread knowledge by carrying constantly leaflets about the condition which she hands out at every suitable opportunity.”


“Since 5 years old she has struggled walking and went to three different hospitals to get answers to be told it was focal dystonia.”

“She inspires me every day how she cares for her baby. She’s in pain daily, never moans but gets upset that she cannot just take him for a walk. She’s cared for her 7-year-old stepdaughter since she was 5 weeks old.”

“She had worked since leaving school as a nursery teacher but doesn’t think she will be able to go back with looking after her baby.”

“She has a heart of gold and smiles through her pain.”


“Matthew has attended [Dystonia UK] support group meetings since the age of 3 months and is a massive part of the group.”

“He has attended fundraising events held by others and taken part in runs to raise funds himself too. He is always at the awareness events and happy to talk to anyone who attends. At the first children’s conference he played a huge part in making a young girl attending with us and her family feel at ease.”

“Not only is he my son he is also a Superstar - a view held by the whole group."