Dr Marie-Helene MarionDr Marion is a French neurologist, who worked permanently in UK since 2000. She is specialised in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, tremor and dystonia as well as in Botox treatment in complex dystonia (Blepharospoasm, cervical dystonia, writer’s cramp) and tremor. She pioneered the Botox treatment for dystonia in France in 1986.
After running the movement disorders clinics at St George's Hospital NHS Trust in London for 12 years, she now works part time in the ENT department with Ms Hicklin, ENT consultant on Botox treatment of voice, swallowing and breathing dystonic disorders. This NHS joint ENT-Neuro clinic is also specialised in injecting deep neck muscles for antecollis.

She is the chair and founder of the British Neurotoxin Network (www.neurotoxinnetwork.org), which gathers neurologists in the UK, running botulinum toxin clinics.
She also runs a blog for patients with dystonia (www.infodystonia.com) and is very active in giving lectures and organising workshops for the uses of botulinum toxin in complex focal dystonia internationally.

As a medical adviser for The Dystonia Society, and the chair of the British Neurotoxin Network she works closely with The Dystonia Society on audit, UK service maps for injection, reviewing educational leaflets for patients and giving a voice to the Society at each BNN annual meeting.