My association with the Dystonia Society started in 2004 when I was diagnosed with Blepharospasm.  Like many people the first time I heard about dystonia was when I was diagnosed and I turned to the Dystonia Society to try and find out more.  I found the support and insight they gave to me very helpful. In 2017 I became a trustee of the Society in order to take a more active role in supporting the work of the Society, ensuring support is available to others and to raise funding to allow research to continue.
My career has always involved recruiting providing staffing solutions to a wide ranging client base. I worked for a national employment agency as Regional Director before establishing my own employment agency Gray & Associates in 1994.  I have three children all in full time education and get involved with a range of fundraising activities centred on supporting young people.  In addition I provide support to educate girls in Ethiopia. 

I live in London with my husband and children where we enjoy the diversity around us and the rich experiences it gives to us.  I enjoy meeting new people, travelling, food, wine and literature.