Andrea WestI started my working life as a research psychologist in clinical trials and research into breast and ovarian cancer. I moved then to work in hospices and specifically children’s hospices before re-qualifying as a counselling psychologist and working in primary care.

I began my charity management career when I headed up an organisation called the Brigitte Trust which provided end of life counselling support to people in their own homes. I come to The Dystonia Society after seven years as CEO of the Batten Disease Family Association. Batten disease is an ultra-rare, fatal, neurological condition and the children who are affected also have dystonia.

Having worked in the neurological charity sector for some time now, I hope I bring the skills and experience to work alongside our committed team, to take The Dystonia Society forward. I firmly believe that there is huge potential for this organisation to deliver critical support services, drive the treatment agenda and influence government. We have some unashamedly ambitious goals to ensure that everyone diagnosed with these conditions has access to the best quality care to enable them to experience life to the full.

I feel very privileged to lead such a committed community of staff, volunteers and members who are determined to make the difference to everyone living with dystonia.

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