Just Walk



There is more than one good reason to join us on 12th May at charity challenge event, Just Walk. It’s a great opportunity to help raise funds for The Dystonia Society and there are other benefits too. Have a look at our list below and see if anything appeals!

Benefit 1: Raise funds for us

We would love for you to get involved and help raise funds for us. Due to the unique nature of Just Walk, once you have paid your event fee, any money raised after that can come directly to us.

Benefit 2: Personal Challenge

Why not get outside your comfort zone and push yourself to see what you are really made of both physically and mentally. There is a route for everyone – providing you with the perfect opportunity to realise your potential.

Benefit 3: Fitness

Whatever your fitness level, walking is a great way to stay healthy. Not only will you see your fitness levels increase but it will also brighten your mood and boost self-esteem. Why not join a walking group as part of your training and enjoy the social element too.

Benefit 4: Family time

Sometimes life is very busy and can impact on quality family time. Taking up a walking challenge as a family is a great way to enjoy spending time together, outside in the fresh air and away from those screens! Bonding over a unique and positive experience has been shown to be very beneficial to your child’s mental and social development not to mention the memories you will be making to last a lifetime. 

Benefit 5: Team building

You don’t have to do this alone! Why not join together with your work colleagues or team mates? This challenge is a great way to build strong bonds and work together. Supporting one another through the training, motivating each other on the day and achieving your goal as a group gives a wonderful feeling of camaraderie.

Join us at Just Walk!

Come along on Saturday 12th May to Goodwood Racecourse in West Sussex and take part in Just Walk. It’s an event that inspires you to take on a challenge that is right for you with route distances of 10km, 25km, 35km, 45km and the BIG 60km! All of the routes are circular and they are in the stunning West Sussex countryside with many of the routes having sections on the famous South Downs Way National Trail. The 10km and 25km routes are family friendly so everyone can take part.

If you would like to give it a go, you can book directly onto the event via the website: www.just-walk.co.uk where you can also find lots of information about the day. The event works well for us as, once you pay the registration fee, anything you fundraise can come directly to us. If you think your family, friends or work colleagues might like to join you, then Just Walk does offer great group discounts for 10 people or more. For more information about this or anything else, contact Just Walk HQ on [email protected].

Thank you for supporting The Dystonia Society, we hope to see you there!