Dystonia, estimated to affect at least 70,000 people in the UK across all generations from childhood upwards, is a very painful, debilitating and disabling disorder, however it lacks awareness among the general public and medical professionals. Dystonia Awareness Week is all about raising awareness of dystonia and there are many ways to get involved.

Go green and be seen!

If you are doing anything for Dystonia Awareness Week please let us know; we can send you materials including leaflets and posters. You can also buy things to help you go green in our shop.

If you are sharing on social media you can use the hashtags #DystoniaAwareness2018 #GoGreen4Dystonia #GoGreenandbeSeen

Events happening in and around Dystonia Awareness Week 2018

Just Walk

K2B: Keswick to Barrow

Lighting up the Millennium Bridge

Dystonia Awareness Week updates

Ways to get involved including Just Walk, Go Green, Tea Parties and more

Dystonia Awareness Week 2018 Toolkit - download a poster and more

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