The Dystonia Society in Scotland



Dorothy Chisholm is the Scottish Regional Officer

She can be contacted by email or telephone 0845 803 1006


Local Dystonia Society Support Groups in Scotland

There are several local support groups in Scotland. Click on the links below to see contact information and meeting dates.

Aberdeen Dystonia Society Support Group

Airdrie Dystonia Society Support Group

Edinburgh Dystonia Society Support Group

Glasgow Dystonia Society Support Group

Inverness Dystonia Society Support Group

Perth/Dundee Dystonia Society Support Group

There is also a facebook group for all of Scotland:

Click here to join.

Dystonia Management Roadshow

The Dystonia Society are piloting a new Dystonia Management Roadshow in North West England and Scotland.

One of the findings of our treatment questionnaire was that ongoing treatments, such as toxin injections, are very helpful but on average only mitigate around 50% of symptoms and in some cases only provide very limited relief. Given this, a more holistic approach to coping with dystonia is needed. It has been shown that coping with long- term conditions such as dystonia can be greatly helped for many people by looking at how the condition can be actively managed. To help with this, we are piloting a self-management roadshow.

For more information on the pilot being run in Scotland please contact Dorothy Chisholm on 0845 803 1006 or email


Living with Dystonia Events in Scotland

Our Living with Dystonia Events take place all over the UK including Scotland. These events give people affected by dystonia a chance to hear specialist speakers, take part in complementary therapy workshops and meet others with the condition.

To learn more about Living with Dystonia Events click here.



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