Please note: Every case of dystonia is individual and there are many different types of dystonia. The videos below are therefore only personal expereinces and should not be considered representative of dystonia in general or of any other case of dystonia.


Ross talks about coping with neck dystonia (cervial dystonia/ torticollis).

Neck Dystonia (Cervial dystonia/ Torticollis) from Dystonia Society on Vimeo.


Jane tells her story about coping with blepharospasm (eye dystonia). She talks about her symptoms and their onset as well as treatment and how she copes with the condition.

Blepharospasm (eye dystonia) from Dystonia Society on Vimeo.


LJ Stacey has produced a short documentary on dystonia and how it's affected her family

 "Short documentary about my father who has the neurological movement condition, Dystonia, and how it's affected our family and how we deal with it. I did everything on this film myself from development to shooting it and recording the sound, and finally editing and sound mixing."

LJ used her video to raise awareness of the condition when fundraising for the Big Fun Run in Crystal Palace in September and with her friend Jess she managed to raise an amazing £2,400!

Last reviewed September 2013

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