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TOPIC: Does CFS/ME go hand in hand with Dystonia?

Does CFS/ME go hand in hand with Dystonia? 7 months 2 weeks ago #4159

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Im currently starting the medical journey in the new country I moved too. Initially sent to physio for painful back....

BUT She has sent me an appointment for the Doctors as there are symptoms not related to my spine/back pain/sciatica, so since UK doctors never bothered to test me and officially diagnose it. I have to poss get the electrodes inserted in my muscles etc. So she can tell what is my Dystonia and what is my Spine. I dont have Scoliosis.

But I have been looking around and noticed I 100% match CFS symptoms. My job is extremely physical and really exhausts me to palpitations ( I have an extra heartbeat issue too but its common in adults apparently) and dizzy/vertigo, chest pains (that the physio couldnt stop - not heart).. and unknown reasons for sore throat that lasts over a week straight. Obvs tiredness too, but still disturbed sleep pattern.

My Dystonia is spreading.... initially hands and lower arms. Last 7 years increasing in my neck then vocal chords and now legs.

Basically I was wondering if others on this forum have been diagnoses with CFS/ME and your experiences.
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