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TOPIC: esophagus spasms with serious swallow problems

esophagus spasms with serious swallow problems 1 year 4 months ago #4008

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Well yet another adventure with generalised dystonia! I have had swallow problems on and off for a number of years but it has just gone up to a new level. around 4 weeks ago I had a really bad dystonic storm involving my throat which started by eating a buttered roll which I dunked in tea....gross I know! I would appologise if it hadnt tasted sooooo good!... I had been on the ensure drinks for a few days and thought it was safe to try something a bit more like real food and I just had this craving that a milk shake wouldnt resolve.

The inside of my throat felt swollen within around 20 mins of eating. I saw the Doctor and he said spasms in my esophagus and they may settle. That was at 12.30 lunch time and I thought it had settled until 5.45pm and just before the Doctor closes for the weekend! I telephoned the Doctor as I was feeling a bit scared for my airways which were hanging on by a thread, I felt that one cough and the whole lot would go...scary!.

Doctor decided to visit as I dont phone ever really, so he arrived and things very quickly went downhill the ambulance was phoned, the hospital alerted by my Doctor and the ambulance arrived. We left my home on blue lights and sirens and a 7 mile trip took 12 mins with ETA radio ahead by the crew. I was put straight to resus and my family were put in the relatives room.

Outcome was the usual procyclidine for the spasms and added to this is now antihistamine for the swelling in my throat when I eat, along with Peptac for any acid reflux issues and painkillers. I am now 4 weeks on and still cant eat solid food. Nothing thicker than yoghurt, custard, smooth soups etc. and have been referred back to the dietician to look at my diet in terms of getting enough calories to stay fit and healthy. The old chin to chest aint doing it for me anymore and the consequences of challenging my throat are severe to say the least.

Has anyone else travelled this particular road any tips? I have today bought a book of superfood smoothies as 4 weeks on ensure drinks is wearing thin! Any recipes for very smooth foods or recipe books out there I dont know about. I have looked but havent seen anything so far.

Meanwhile my throat will accept cheesy mashed potatoes, tinned spaggetti and scrambled eggs on a good day although scrambled eggs gave me a problem this week! I will either choke at trying to swallow or other times the food does go down but wont go into the stomach and its a feeling like you are going to throw up but the food doesnt come all the way up it just goes up and down the esophagus at the stomach end until the stomach lets it in. I should add after 2 mouthfuls of this the spoon is put down. I also have a pain around the breast bone intermittently when I have a mouthful and thats then the end of that because the level of pain feels like I have been stabbed and this pain is a little too near the heart. I have been told that if this pain continues for more than 5 mins I have to phone an ambulance to be checked out to make sure that it is not my heart.

Sorry this is a bit of a rant but I am hungry! and fed up being hungry! I get a 5 min window of thinking I can eat and I am like binging on yoghurt with honey and soft fruit, and then a banana and then I find myself in at the crunchy nut cereal. Then I hover and its OK so I have some more cereal then 3 mins later the window closes and its like being a foodaholic for 2 mins!

I am really ranting now I am sure it is hunger rant but thanks for the time you have taken to read this.

God Bless us all

Christine xxx
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