Awareness Week


Dress Green for Dystonia!

Do you know a local School, Office or Club that would like to hold a Dress Green for Dystonia Day?

NinaBergonzicroppedRaise Awareness & Funds for The Dystonia Society by wearing something green; a T-shirt, Hat, Scarf, just anything green. You could even go all out and make your hair green!

Last year Nina Bergonzi (left) organized a Dress Green Day at Pembrokeshire College and raised £100 as well as a great deal of awareness!

We’re suggesting holding this on Friday 8th May during Awareness Week – but any day is great! We can send leaflets, balloons and posters to the School/Company for these events. Email or call 0845 458 6211.

Online Awareness!

Help us to raise awareness of dystonia by registering for our Thunderclap this Awareness Week. Last year we reached almost 7 million people with the help of Stephen Fry; and with your help, this year we hope to try and do better.

Thunderclap is a website that co-ordinates sending messages out for groups of people. You register through your Twitter and/or Facebook account with them, and it sends out a message on your behalf at a set time. Our message will be set to clap at 1.30pm on the Wednesday 6th May during Awareness Week. Help us raise awareness and join the Thunderclap here:

We will also be posting images on facebook and twitter that you can change your profile pictures and banners to so that you can spread awareness every time you post.

Hold a Bakesale!

You can spread awareness in your workplace, school or local community by holding a tea party, coffee morning or cake stall. Contact our fundraising team for a tea party pack and some leaflets to hand out - 0845 458 6211 /