Have you got questions on neck dystonia, blepharospasm, hand dystonia, voice dystonia or any other focal dystonia that you would like answering by a neurologist? Submit your questions for our Q+A with Dr Marion.

Dystonia Awareness Week is coming up on the 3rd - 11th May 2014! Here's what's happening during the week and how you can get involved!

This year’s Dystonia Awareness Week is taking place during 29th April – 7th May and we’d love you to join us in making it a success! Here’s what’s happening during the week and how you can get involved.

The Dystonia Society has agreed to fund an exciting new research project being run by University of Warwick Medical School. It’s focused on improving living with dystonia.

altJim Robertson, who is affected by both dystonia and ataxia has been named as the University of the Highlands and Islands Student of the Year for exceptional, personal and academic achievement.