We’ve always relied on our members and supporters giving so much of your time and support to the Dystonia Society and its vital work helping people living with Dystonia. So above all, thank you. We’ve had a brilliant response to the Appeal already, but it is still open for anyone to make a donation here.

As a small charity, we’ve found that sources of income are getting more and more difficult to find. Public spending cuts have meant we no longer receive any funding from the government, and funding from charitable trusts and companies is falling too. All of this means we are facing a real challenge in finding the funding we need.



We launched our Urgent Appeal to ask for whatever support you might be able to provide – for a small organisation like us every penny really does make a difference and allows us to be there to support anyone with dystonia, anywhere in the UK, whenever they need it.



But delivering this support costs the Society a significant amount every year, and like many other small charities, we have faced unprecedented challenges to our funding. We have moved in to a smaller office, scaled-back our hours to save as much as we can. We had to delay the last edition of ‘Dystonia Matters!’, and while we are planning to send a new edition out very soon, we need your help to ensure we can keep providing all this support, whenever people need it.

The support we receive makes an amazing difference – for example, just £20 would help to fund one of our helpline team to be there on call to support someone newly diagnosed with dystonia to understand the condition.

It is a difficult and challenging time for the Society, we know that many people already provide a huge amount of support, giving their time, fundraising, or raising awareness. Whether you are able to support this particular appeal or not, thank you for all your support.



We hope we have been there to help thousands of people with dystonia when they needed it, and we are so grateful for all the support, kindness and good will that allows us to keep on doing that.



You can read more about our work, and about our appeal by looking through our appeal leaflet here.

Or you can donate online here.