Dystonia Awareness Week 2017 

This year’s Dystonia Awareness Week is taking place during 29th April - 7th May and we’d love you to join us in making it a success! Here’s what’s happening during the week and how you can get involved.

Dress Green for Dystonia

Royal Mail 2016

 Do you know a local School, Office or Club that would like to hold a Dress Green for Dystonia Day?

Raise Awareness & Funds for The Dystonia Society by wearing something green; a T-shirt, Hat, Scarf, just anything green. You could even go all out and make your hair green!

Last year Amanda Brown organised a dress green day at Royal Mail in Glasgow which raised a magnificent £1,050

We’re suggesting holding this on Friday 6th May during Awareness Week – but any day is great! We can send leaflets, balloons and posters to the School/Company for these events. Email or call 020 7793 3651.

Online Awareness

Help us to raise awareness of dystonia by sharing on Facebook & Twitter!

We will be posting images on facebook and twitter that you can change your profile pictures and banners to so that you can spread awareness every time you post.


Hold a Tea Party/Bake Sale

KTP Newcastle

 You can spread awareness in your workplace, school or local community by holding a tea party, coffee morning or cake stall.

We’re planning for a new special recipe for our Tea Party Packs which also have lots of great ideas in to help with your fundraising. Contact our fundraising team for a pack and some leaflets to hand out – 020 7793 3651 /

Poster Awareness
A quick and easy way to raise awareness of dystonia is to put up a poster in your dystonia treatment centre or GP surgery – contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator to get your posters by emailing

 Please let us know if you are planning any awareness events as we’d love to help with materials and support!