Medikidz explain Dystonia Management


The Medikidz are a team of incredible medical superheroes who help children understand more about their health conditions. 

In the comic book, the team help a young girl called Lauren learn more about her dystonia.

The Trailer

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The Flipbook


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The cost is £4.00 including p&p. If you live outside the UK, please call +44 20 7793 3651 before ordering as the cost may be higher.

If you are a child with dystonia or a carer of a child with dystonia please call our helpline 0845 458 6322 and we'll send a free copy.  



The comic has been generously funded by organisations including the Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation, the Boshier Hinton Foundation, Medtronic UK,  and The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.